Cavity wall ties are used to tie internal and external walls together for strength, the walls are constructed of brick and concrete blocks. Wall ties are placed in the cavity wall during construction. The end of the wall ties are designed to lock into the cement.

Wall ties which are metal components are unseen in all cavity walls, they are crucial to the stability and structure of the cavity wall. Additional wall ties are used around the window and door openings.

Partial insulation systems require specialised wall ties or clips to keep the insulation in position. The wrong installation may lead to water damage or damp forming within the cavity wall which could then lead to structural damage and health hazards.

Over time, cavity wall ties mayhave deteriorated due to moisture within the brickwork and insulation, with this happening it can result in walls becoming bowed or collapsing or the structure of the house reshaping. Any cracks appearing in the cavity walls will need to be investigated before severe damage is caused.

If you think you have problems with your wall cavity insulation, blocked or siliconed off air bricks, condensation, damp, cold spots or any other issues, and you’ve had wall cavity insulation installed in the last 15 years, give us a call today and see if we can help.

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