What to Do If You Think You Have Problems with Cavity Wall Insulation

We are often asked what to do if you suspect that cavity wall insulation might be causing damp or other problems in your property. The answer, initially at least, is quite simple. Contact Claims Legal.

Firstly, we will record details of the company who installed the cavity wall insulation and see if they are still trading or whether they have closed. If the company is no longer trading, your only route of redress is under your CIGA guarantee.

Secondly, if you don’t have a copy of your CIGA guarantee, contact CIGA to establish whether or not you have an industry standard 25 year CIGA Guarantee. If you do, they will send you a copy by post so we can check the terms of the guarantee.

Thirdly, if you have current issues that are already showing in your property, you may need a visit by a CWI inspection surveyor to collate evidence as soon as possible. The longer your property is left in a fault state the more damage it will be causing and could be affecting your health.

If you do have faults with your Cavity Wall Insulation, there are routes available to go to the installer if they still exist, or go to CIGA if they don’t exist, or if the installer doesn’t help.

The problem here is whether you understand the whole Cavity Wall Insulation scheme, the property and how the insulation works, and what host of issues can be present and need repairing. The installer or CIGA may not feel they are responsible for all of the issues and may try and resolve partially. This really doesn’t help.

If you come to Wall Cavity Claims for help, we put you first!

Our Cavity Inspection Surveyors are fully qualified and generate a significant report as to all of the issues that are showing in your property. If you are happy to move your case forward to be handled by a specialist panel solicitor who works on a No Win No Fee service, we can recommend your file across to a panel solicitor who will then fight your corner and make sure every single issue is addressed in your favour. The panel solicitor is instructed by you and has an overriding duty of care to you and you only!

So, remember, if you have a problem with CWI, please pick up the phone and call us.

It is apparent that hundreds of thousands of home owners across the UK will need remedial work that will consist of a full extraction of the Cavity Wall Insulation and could well mean a whole host of other repairs and replacements directly caused by the install, costing in excess of £10,000.

Mortgage lenders are also looking at properties which have had CWI installed and can devalue a property by as much as £30,000 if a valid CWI examination certificate is not available.

If you’ve got issues of any nature with your Cavity Wall Insulation that may be down to the installer not following proper guidelines as to the install, contact us for a free, no obligation review.

Contact Wall Cavity Claims today on free phone 0800-8-654321 or visit www.wallcavityclaims.co.uk

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