The surprise problems with cavity wall insulation – don’t believe you’re a victim? Think again.

With so many people approached on sometimes even a monthly basis to install cavity wall insulation in their homes, it has almost become a fact in the minds of many that cavity wall insulation is a low-cost energy efficient way of better saving warmth in your home, and lowering heating bills. As difficult as it can be to fully inform people about the problems associated with cavity wall insulation – it is necessary to prevent huge amounts of damage to peoples’ homes. There are thousands of people unwittingly wandering into future losses and damages caused by problems with cavity wall insulation.

If you have noticed any damp spots in your home following the installation of insulation to your cavity wall, it is vital that you have this investigated as soon as possible, as once problems with cavity wall insulation are established, they take hold fast and it progressively worsen.
It is important to get an impartial investigation into any damp problems you may have noticed – many installers of insulation are notorious for passing the buck in these situations, denying responsibility for the problems. Many consumers have been fobbed off with excuses and with recommendations to open a window or turn down the heating – neither of which will fix the problems with cavity wall insulation -the only solution is insulation removal.

If you have damp caused by cavity wall insulation, the only way is insulation removal.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of insulation removal – it can be a daunting prospect, but when you work with a trusted and reliable company like Cavity Care Solutions, insulation removal is a low-stress time and cost-effective solution to your damp cavity wall insulation.

The most important thing to remember is that it could always get worse, so even if you are reluctant to invest in insulation removal, it will be worse further down the line. Choose a company that you trust to remove your cavity wall insulation – here at Wall Cavity Claims, we are always happy to discuss any worries that customers may have about insulation removal, and we make sure that you are completely informed. For any and all inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
We can recommend an industry recognised, trained and approved extraction agency that will protect the process with certification and protect your home from further damage and devaluation.
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