Why Steel or Timber Framed Properties Should Not Be Insulated with Cavity Wall Insulation

Steel and timber-framed houses should not be insulated with cavity wall insulation. However, few people seem to understand why.

Timber and, surprisingly to many, steel, both need air circulation to prevent rot or corrosion. Many of us will live in houses that have suspended timber floors, and will be aware of the air bricks strategically laid at damp proof course height. These air bricks allow air to circulate underneath the floor joists preventing rot developing and keeping the timbers healthy. The same practice is required inside the cavities of timber and steel-framed houses. Fully insulating the cavity with a retro blown cavity wall insulation product increases the risk of condensation forming and being trapped against the frame. With timber framing, this might lead to wood rot; with steel it will result in corrosion.

There are, thankfully, other ways to insulate a timber or steel framed property very effectively. External wall insulation, for instance, is extremely effective. Internal wall insulation is another option to consider.

If you live in a timber of steel framed property that has been insulated with cavity wall insulation, you will need to have it removed. Over time it may lead to serious structural damage. In addition to the lack of air circulation inside the property, it could also be damaging to your health.

If you have any further questions and require advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is now apparent that hundreds of thousands of home owners across the UK will need remedial work that will consist of a full extraction of the Cavity Wall Insulation and could well mean a whole host of other repairs and replacements directly caused by the install, costing in excess of £10,000.

Mortgage lenders are also looking at properties which have had CWI installed and can devalue a property by as much as £30,000 if a valid CWI examination certificate is not available.

If you’ve got issues of any nature with your Cavity Wall Insulation that may be down to the installer not following proper guidelines as to the install, contact us for a free, no obligation review.

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  • Mantas B.

    Hi , I live in property which been built at around 1960’s and it is timber frame detached house.I would like to insulate walls.What options I have ? Can I put rockwool in between timber frame and then cover it with plasterboard ?
    House structure : bricks , gap for air circulation , breather membrane , timber frame , plasterboard.
    My option is put rockwoll in between timber joints and then put back plasterboard and then will be able to put wallpaper or paint it . Gap between bricks and breather membrane for air circulation still will be same as before.
    Question is or I am going correct way or do I miss something or even it is not good option ?
    Thank you very much.

    • Wall Cavity Claims

      Hi Mr Mantas. Sincere apologies for the delay responding. BBA who test insulation products and issue a certificate for them if they pass testing have not issued a certificate for steel or timber frame. You should check on the BBA website for further information but installing could cause damage and could affect the value of your property and deter people from buying it. Mortgage lenders may also refuse to mortgage a property like that if it is insulated. http://www.bbacerts.co.uk/

  • AC Not Cooling Upstairs

    I’m going to begin following you on Facebook.

  • Robert Parker

    We have CWI in our steel frame property. The company that did it didn’t do a survey and didn’t issue a guarantee.

  • Wall Cavity Claims

    Hi Mr Parker. Sincere apologies for the delay in responding. If you contact our office on freephone 0800-8-654321 and choose the Cavity Insulation option, there is a good chance we can help you.

  • Gary Cullum

    I have a four bedroom mid terrace home which I am trying to sell. It has Timber frame and has CVI
    No company seems to want to mortgage the property. Can we have it removed what cost or is there companies that will Mortgage these sort of homes?
    01902 757545

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