Claims Legal have investigated the area of faults allegedly caused by Wall Cavity Insulation for a considerable amount of time, through all news and media reports, professional body reports and investigations, industry professionals and also discussions that have taken place in parliament, and understand the problems that millions of homes that have had this insulation fitted might be experiencing.

We understand that your house is your home, and for most people is the biggest investment purchase you will make in your lifetime.  The thought that this insulation product, designed to make your home warmer, can now be causing significant damage to your home and even your health for those who have current condensation and damp problems showing, is a real concern, and with the massive number of 9 million homes having had the insulation fitted, it has been reported that as many as 1 million homes have significant faults.

Claims Legal have a specialist panel of solicitors who will review any causation and claim file with a view to making representations on your behalf on a No Win No Fee service.

In order to ensure a solicitor has sufficient information prior to accepting you as a client and representing your claim, the solicitor needs a full factual surveyors report that highlights issues and gives factual and photographic evidence supported by a qualified surveyor.

Wall Cavity Claims and Claims Legal will make a brief telephone enquiry with you as the house owner and ensure your matter meets basic criteria.

Wall Cavity Claims will then appoint a qualified independent surveyor to attend your property at a mutually agreed appointment and carry out an inspection of the external property, take note of brickwork and mortar condition amongst other things, and also review the cavity on each elevation and check several points there and record these; and lastly a brief cursory view of any damp or condensation problems you have. The surveyor will also want to see a copy of your CIGA guarantee certificate. This has vital information about the data of install, and what insulation materials were used. If you do not have a copy of your CIGA guarantee certificate, please click here

All of this information is then retained by the surveyor who will then draft up a qualified report on his survey and his findings, and produce that to Claims Legal to attach to your file for review.

You will not be asked to make any payment for our services or for the surveyors’ services.

If your surveyor report highlights no problems, then you have no fees to pay and you can rest assured your property has had Cavity Wall Insulation fitted by a good contractor.

If the surveyors report confirms problems, and that your insulation was not fitted following the correct guidelines for prior installation or actual installation, then the report will support your file which will then be passed to a panel solicitor for review.

At this stage, the solicitor will review the file and if they believe your matter has a 51% chance or more of being a successful claim, the solicitor will contact you directly and explain their No Win No Fee, and if you are happy to proceed you will sign an instruction directly to that solicitor to represent your claim.

Remember, our service is 100% free to you. We may receive a marketing payment or profit share payment from your representing solicitor if your claim is successful. This is not any cost that is added on to your fees win or lose, nor will the solicitor ever ask for any payment towards any payment to us.

The surveyor who visits your properly is totally independent and is not employed by us or the solicitor firm. They are instructed to carry out a survey on the Cavity Wall Insulation and report their findings, whether good or bad. This is the factual document and evidence that will indicate if there is a claim to be made.

To enquire about your survey please contact us on free phone 0800-8-654321 or fill in our short online form here