What to Do If Your Installer Has Gone Out of Business?

If you think you may be experiencing problems with your Cavity Wall Insulation and would like some help, first of all we advise you to check with CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) if your property was registered for a 25-year guarantee.

You can do this by either contacting CIGA directly on 01525 853 300, or alternatively one of our client team members will happily point you in the right direction.

If your property has been registered with CIGA for a 25-year guarantee, you are always advised to engage the original installer should you have any concerns about the insulation in your property. Through recent reports the original installers in many cases deny responsibility or fail to make full and proper remedial works at their own expense. CIGA may assist with some help, but more often than not it seems a mine field for UK consumers.

So, what happens if the installer is no longer trading? Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your CIGA guarantee. The only thing you would do differently should you have any concerns about the insulation in your property, is contact CIGA directly and express any concerns you have with them.

If on the other hand your property hasn’t been registered for a 25 year CIGA guarantee, one of our client team would be happy to provide a free no obligation survey, just to assess how we can help you with any concerns you have.

Your CIGA guarantee may be effective in these circumstances and you should check your guarantee as soon as possible, if you are experiencing problems and they are left without being treated, it could end up a lot more expensive for you and your health.

If you’ve got issues of any nature with your Cavity Wall Insulation that may be down to the installer not following proper guidelines as to the install. It is now apparent that hundreds of thousands of home owners across the UK will need remedial work that will consist of a full extraction of the Cavity Wall Insulation and could well mean a whole host of other repairs and replacements directly caused by the install.

Contact Wall Cavity Claims today on free phone 0800-8-654321 or visit www.wallcavityclaims.co.uk

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