Flood and Fire Damaged Cavity Wall Insulation

We really feel for any household that has had to endure a fire or flood. Amongst a massive list of remedial work that is typically required after an event like this, Cavity Wall Insulation should be something that is assessed to determine the level of damage and action required.


The obvious issues with flood water is moisture saturating the cavity wall insulation, and penetrating the inner leaf of brickwork. Over a prolonged period of time the moisture is likely to transfer to the internal plaster and plasterboard, could become damp and mould growth could occur if left untreated. This can spoil décor, produce an unpleasant odour and in severe cases, particularly to those with any health issues. In these cases, it is absolutely essential the insulation would need to be removed.


Flood water often contains dirty untreated river water, diluted drainage and sewer water. These hazards can become “trapped” within the cavity wall insulation and remain there until the insulation is removed.


Fire damage is slightly different in the sense that it is the heat that can affect some cavity wall insulation systems, rendering it ineffective or even melting it.


Another problem faced in the case of fire may be wet cavity wall insulation due to the volume and pressure of water used by the fire brigade. In these circumstances, the insulation will again need removing to prevent all of the problems that likely to appear in the future such as damp. Insulation rarely recovers from fires or floods.


Your CIGA guarantee isn’t effective in these circumstances and your home and buildings insurance should pay particular attention to address this issue, as if it is left without being treated, it could end up a lot more expensive for you and them in the future.


If you’ve got issues of any other nature with your Cavity Wall Insulation that may be down to the installer not following proper guidelines as to the install. It is now apparent that hundreds of thousands of home owners across the UK will need remedial work that will consist of a full extraction of the Cavity Wall Insulation and could well mean a whole host of other repairs and replacements directly caused by the install.


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