Damp Cavity Wall Insulation in Exposure Zones

Damp can occur in properties as a result of cavity wall insulation if one or more of the following conditions is present.

Areas across the UK are zoned into exposure areas of 1, 2, 3 and 4, much depending on wind driven rain.

Your home is exposed to severe levels of wind-driven rain if your home is located in an unsheltered position, e.g. not protected by trees or other buildings. The external walls are poorly built or maintained with, for example, cracks in the brickwork or rendering and / or defective mortar.

Wall Cavity Claims has surveyed a number of properties where the properties are exposed and have been installed with Cavity Wall Insulation and are now experiencing very severe problems with damp.

If you or your property is located in a severe exposure zone and you are concerned about the state of the cavity wall insulation, please contact us. Special pre-installation surveys should have been completed prior to any installation and in many cases extra preparations should have been made or the CWI should not have been installed at all.

Published guidance by the Building Research Establishment says that in these cases there is ‘an increased risk of rain penetration if a cavity is fully filled with insulation’. Rain could penetrate the outer wall, bridge the cavity via the insulation material and transfer moisture to internal walls, causing damp.

It is now apparent that hundreds of thousands of home owners across the UK will need remedial work that will consist of a full extraction of the Cavity Wall Insulation and could well mean a whole host of other repairs and replacements directly caused by the install, costing in excess of £10,000.

Mortgage lenders are also looking at properties which have had CWI installed and can devalue a property by as much as £30,000 if a valid CWI examination certificate is not available.

If you’ve got issues of any nature with your Cavity Wall Insulation that may be down to the installer not following proper guidelines as to the install, contact us for a free, no obligation review.

Contact Wall Cavity Claims today on free phone 0800-8-654321 or visit www.wallcavityclaims.co.uk

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