CIGA – Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

When your contractors installed your Wall Cavity Insulation, a formal part of the process by your contractor was to register your installation with CIGA who should have produced a guarantee certificate and sent this to you.

This was important for the contractors especially for those customers who had the installation done under the Green Deal, as this process was needed to be completed before the contractor could draw down their payment for the installation.

We do hear from some customers that the installation was not registered with CIGA. This could have happened because the scheme funding for your area or the product was expired and so whether the contractor registered your installation or not, they may not be paid, and because there was no financial benefit for the contractor, they didn’t complete the registration. This can affect the claim and ultimately shows a sign of disregard by the contractor which by all accounts may show a sign of the quality of work carried out. It is best to check as soon as possible and obtain a copy of your guarantee whether you have faults or not.


If your Cavity Wall Insulation is found to have faults that a claim will progress under your instructions, your panel solicitor representing your matter will require a copy of this certificate attached to your file before matters can progress. Obtaining a copy from CIGA is a very simple process and usually free of charge.

Telephone CIGA directly and request a copy of your CIGA guarantee certificate be posted out to you. CIGA will ask for your full name and address and confirm the property is registered and send a copy out to you in the post. You do not have to disclose the reason for your request if you do not wish to do so; there is no reason why you should not be provided with a copy on request. You need this for your house paperwork files and will also need a copy should you decide to sell your property.

If the installation was done prior to your purchase of the house, when you made the purchase, you purchased all rights to the guarantee and any claims made against it. You may need to give CIGA your details to update their records.

You can also write to CIGA and may also be able to make a request by email.

Postal Address: The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency
CIGA House,
3 Vimy Court, Vimy Road
Leighton Buzzard


It is a good idea to visit the CIGA website and have a good read through and make yourself aware of who CIGA are and their role.


Most guarantee certificates will state the date of installation; confirm what materials were used for the insulation and some other useful information.