Major Issues with CWI In System Built Homes

Major Issues with CWI In System Built Homes


As the lid is slowly coming off the failed but seemingly well intentioned Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation schemes to provide cavity wall insulation in Britain’s housing stock, the fall out and problems unfold on a daily basis. Every day, more and more people are making the link between having cavity wall insulation installed and the persistent damp issues in their home after the installation.

There really is only one answer to this growing epidemic in the UK! The failed and now defective insulation must be extracted and a full cavity clearance carried out.

What does this really mean for those who have been sold on the benefit of subsidised cavity wall insulation?

In recent times it has come to light that any construction type, other than traditional construction should not under any circumstances have full fill cavity wall insulation installed.

So, what is traditional construction you ask. Let us explain.

The term ‘traditional build’ is usually used to describe a home where the internal load bearing leaf is masonry construction and tied with wall ties to an outer leaf of either block or brick.

See the picture below clearly showing ‘traditional build’ construction, that may (depending on location) be suitable for cavity wall insulation. The right hand side



Types of wall traditional wall construction.


Although there are many modern methods of construction taking building practices into the future, traditional brick and block methods still remain one of the most widely used build types in the UK and are the only suitable forms of construction to receive cavity wall insulation. If your home is not a traditional cavity wall construction, made from two separate brick or block constructed walls, it should not have been filled with cavity wall insulation and should be removed immediately to stop damage to the building structure.

The next question is, what if you live in a non-traditional construction and have had cavity wall insulation?

The vast majority of us do not have a building or construction background. It’s on this basis that many of our clients come to Wall Cavity Claims and ask us to identify the type of construction of their home and determine if the house was suitable to receive cavity wall insulation in the first place and find out more about cavity wall extraction and cavity clearance.

Wall Cavity Claims are innovators in providing compliant surveying services to help consumers with independent witness reports for their damp, condensation and cavity wall problems.

We work with a panel of Law Firms and Solicitors who specialise in cavity clearance cost recovery cases. It’s free to find out if you have grounds for a case, so contact us and a member of the team will discuss your case.

Don’t wait for damp, mould or excessive condensation to affect your home. These are just some of the indications of cavity wall insulation failure, act now to start your claim for compensation and put things right.


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